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The is a daily English Newspaper. The Headquarter is in Chennai. At time of Beginning in 1878, The Hindu was published weekly but later on, from 1889 has been publishing as Daily Newspaper. The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 18th August 2018

It is the second most circulated English Newspaper after The Times of India. The Hindu contains lot of information of All over the world. It is very important every one specially for students and for candidates who are going to give competitive exams because it here we find lot Current Affairs. The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 18th August 2018

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We are not owner of the paper THE HINDU, We are just sharing the pdf file of the paper The Hindu which is already available in the Internet.The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 

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 Key Facts of  The Hindu Newspaper  

  • Type :  Daily newspaperThe Hindu Newspaper Free download 

  • Format :  BroadsheetThe Hindu e Newspaper Free download 

  • Owner(s) :  The Hindu Group, and Kasturi and Sons LimitedThe Hindu e Newspaper Free download

  • Founder(s) :  G. Subramania Iyer The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 

  • Publisher :  N. Ram[1] The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 

  • Editor :  Mukund Padmanabhan

  • Founded : 20 September 1878

  • Language :  English

  • Headquarters : Chennai

  • Circulation : 1,216,118 daily (as of Jan – Jun 2017)

  • ISSN :  0971-751X

  • OCLC number :  13119119 The Hindu Newspaper download pdf format

  • Website: The Hindu e Newspaper Free download 

THE HINDU 27th November, 2018
THE HINDU 26th November, 2018
THE HINDU 25th November, 2018
THE HINDU 24th November, 2018
THE HINDU 23rd November, 2018
THE HINDU 22nd November, 2018
THE HINDU 21st November, 2018
THE HINDU 20th November, 2018
THE HINDU 19th November, 2018
THE HINDU 18th November, 2018
THE HINDU 17th November, 2018
THE HINDU 16th November, 2018
THE HINDU 15th November, 2018
THE HINDU 14th November, 2018
THE HINDU 13th November, 2018
THE HINDU 12th November, 2018
THE HINDU 11th November, 2018
THE HINDU 10th November, 2018
THE HINDU 9th November, 2018
THE HINDU 8th November, 2018
THE HINDU 7th November, 2018
THE HINDU 6th November, 2018
THE HINDU 5th November, 2018
THE HINDU 4th November, 2018
THE HINDU 3rd November, 2018
THE HINDU 2nd November, 2018
THE HINDU 1st November, 2018


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The Hindu Quiz

If you want to know about The Newspaper with out reading long paras, you are in right place. Lets share some important questions and answers which you need to know :  The Hindu Newspaper Free download 

Q.1> In Which city the Head Quarter of The Hindu Newspaper is situated ?

Ans. Chennai   The Hindu Newspaper Free download 

Q.2> In which year It was first started ?

Ans : 1878    The Hindu Newspaper Free download 

Q.3 > Who was the founder of The Hindu Newspaper ?

Ans :  G. Subramania Iyer 

Q.4 > Who is The Editor of the Hindu Newspaper ?

Ans : Mukund Padmanabhan

Q.5 > Who is the publisher of The Hindu Newspaper?

Ans : Narasimhan Ram 

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