The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis 27 April, 2019

By | April 27, 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis 27 April, 2019

The hindu vocabulary Analysis

In this world of competitive exams, ‘Vocabulary’ takes a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams like PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. JOBAPPLY provides you 10 new words in The Hindu Vocabulary on the daily basis which will benefit you not only in upcoming examinations but also to improve English writing skill. We have mentioned the important words with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with the example to give a clear concept about the words. We Know in English Part the vocabulary mostly comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the competitive exams. Therefore it is very important to read and memories. You can give online test your vocabulary and evaluate your preparation of your respective exams.

1. ECSTASY (NOUN): joyful excitement:(उल्लास)

Synonyms: bliss, elation

Antonyms: misery, unhappiness

Example Sentence:

There is a choice, adventure and ecstasy associated with being engaged which is great.

2. EDIFICE (NOUN): A large, imposing building:(इमारत)

Synonyms: monument, skyscraper

Antonyms: hut, chalet

Example Sentence:

So the clarification comes and the whole edifice crumbles.

3. EFFEMINATE (ADJECTIVE): exhibiting female qualities:(नारी जैसा)

Synonyms: feminine, womanish

Antonym: masculine, manly

John spends the remainder of the film eating on cigars with an effeminate scientist.


4. ELUDE (VERB): Escape from or avoid typically in a skilful or cunning way:(टाल जाना)

Synonyms: dodge, escape

Antonyms: encounter, confront

Example Sentence:

She looked up the slope behind him, confident to have eluded his opponent, not having left a single path in the snow.

5. ENDEAVOR (NOUN): an attempt with a lot of effort:(कोशिि)

Synonyms: venture, undertaking

Antonyms: passivity, inactivity

Example Sentence:

They should also endeavor not to let safety preparations set the tone for discussion

6. ENTOURAGE (NOUN): group of attendants:(पररचारक गण) Synonyms: servant, retinue

Antonym: leader, head

Example Sentence:

The queen was accompanied to the ritual by her large entourage that escorts her wherever she goes

7. EPICUREAN (ADJECTIVE): loving food and comfort:(भोगवादी)

Synonyms: gluttonous, libertine

Antonyms: chaste, puritanical

Example Sentence:

Punish is a big time gourmet with epicurean habits who spends millions in clubs.

8. EQUIVOCAL (ADJECTIVE): unclear:(अननश्चचत)

Synonyms: doubtful, uncertain

Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:  The movie had an equivocal ending.

9. EVANESCE (VERB): Pass out of sight, memory, or existence.:(लुप्त हो जाना)

Synonyms: dissipate, fade away

Antonyms: appear, emerge

Example sentence:

It was normal, therefore, that Indian dependability could not be allowed to evanesce.

10. EXECRABLE (ADJECTIVE): extremely bad or unpleasant:(निनौना)

Synonyms: horrible, sickening

Antonyms: pleasant, nice

Example Sentence:

Unnecessary to say, one criticiser called the show ‘the most disgusting and execrable series ever to ooze its way onto television.’

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