The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis 26 April, 2019

By | April 26, 2019

The Hindu Vocabulary Analysis 26 April, 2019

The hindu vocabulary Analysis

In this world of competitive exams, ‘Vocabulary’ takes a vital role in every exam. Several banking and Government exams like PO, Clerk, IBPS RRB, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. JOBAPPLY provides you 10 new words in The Hindu Vocabulary on the daily basis which will benefit you not only in upcoming examinations but also to improve English writing skill. We have mentioned the important words with the meaning, synonyms and antonyms along with the example to give a clear concept about the words. We Know in English Part the vocabulary mostly comes from THE HINDU Newspapers in the competitive exams. Therefore it is very important to read and memories. You can give online test your vocabulary and evaluate your preparation of your respective exams.

  1. BALMY (ADJECTIVE): enjoyable and gentle:(सुखदायी


Synonyms: moderate, spring like, mild


Antonyms: violent, wintery, harsh

Example Sentence:


The balmy days of late summer.


  1. BAMBOOZLE (VERB): to cheat or deceive another person:(आँखों में धूल झोंकना


Synonyms: deceive, befuddle, stratagem, trick


Antonyms: enlighten, clarify


Example Sentence:


Finally, World Climate Report rips into the biased reporting that has bamboozled the world on this issue

  1. BANDY (VERB): to exchange words back and forth:(बहस करना


Synonyms: argue, debate, spread

Antonym: silence, quiet

Example Sentence:

she had bent, slightly bandy legs.


  1. BARRAGE (NOUN): profusion of something:(प्राचुर्य


Synonyms: deluge, burst


Antonyms: scarcity, underwhelm


Example Sentence:


As soon as Little Jamie saw his granny he began to barrage her with all his demands for presents.


  1. BEREAVE (VERB): to take away something:(वंचित करना

Synonyms: deprive, dispossess

Antonyms: offer, present

Example Sentence:


As Yash is a perfectly contented family man, no financial loss can bereave him of his happiness.


  1. BREVITY (NOUN): briefness:(अल्पता


Synonyms: conciseness, shortness


Antonym: longevity, lengthiness


Example Sentence:


The preciseness and brevity of the director’s speech was praiseworthy.


  1. BORNE (VERB): carried:(जन्म देना


Synonyms: produced, toted


Antonyms: dodged, abstain


Example Sentence:


Cholera is an epidemic disease borne through dirty drinking water.


  1. BRUNT (NOUN): bad end of a situation:(समाघात


Synonyms: distress, discord


Antonyms: peace, harmony


Example Sentence:


An unverified gossip on the commercial daily caused the publisher the brunt of criticism.


  1. BURNISH (VERB): to polish:(चमकाना


Synonyms: brighten, smoothen

Antonyms: tarnish, dull

Example sentence:


The presidential candidate tried to burnish his image in front of the committee before the polling starts.


  1. BYGONE (ADJECTIVE): in the past:(विगत


Synonyms: ancient, archaic

Antonyms: recent, modern


Example Sentence:


I feel fortunate that we got to at least see the ruins of a bygone era.

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